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Certified Cryptocurrency Tracers

We are the FIRST Australian provider of cryptocurrency tracing to the public

Cybertrace is proudly the first Australian company to be licensed and certified by cryptocurrency tracing software provider. This software is used by international law enforcement agencies including the FBI, AFP and Europol to name a few.

Cybertrace’s investigators are blockchain scam, and money recovery experts based in Australia and Europe. Our Investigators specialise in Blockchain and cryptocurrency scam investigation as well as other financial scams. Cybertrace cryptocurrency scam investigators are experts in tracing cryptocurrency transactions and we are certified for complex transaction tracing. Tracing the transaction is the first stage of recovering money lost to crypto scams.

As cyber criminals operate without borders and across multiple jurisdictions, law enforcement struggle to correctly identify foreign offenders. As a private company, Cybertrace does not operate with the same restrictions as law enforcement and we can identify the correct individuals responsible. Our expertise is in the investigation and intelligence collection environment. We investigate and where possible, recover money lost cryptocurrency scams.

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Stage one for recovering cryptocurrency lost via a cryptocurrency scam is to establish whether the trader or exchange are in fact a scam. All information including websites, contact details and financial transfers are forensically evaluated. This combined with tracing the cryptocurrency will provide the best investigative results. Speak with our Investigators to learn more.


Our Investigators undertake cryptocurrency tracing to find where your currency was sent within the Blockchain and provide evidence relating to the transfer. This assists law enforcement with identifying the current location of your funds and identify who withdrew it. Based on our trace, the authorities may be able to identify the offenders, freeze their crypto accounts and recover money.

Investigate & Recover

If you are the victim of a cryptocurrency scam, our investigators will identify the individuals responsible for the scam. Our services have global reach and we are leaders in our industry. Our reports provide you the best chance at recovering money. Our Investigators then work with our trusted network with the aim of recovering your money.

Click here to trace your Bitcoin transaction via the Blockchain. Or contact our team to trace it for you

Unlike other similar services, we are licensed cyber investigators and we can achieve results others simply can’t. Regardless of whether you were scammed by a registered company, or an unregistered fake entity, our mission is to help our clients locate their assets lost via the Blockchain or another cryptocurrency ledger.

Our Investigators understand this can be daunting space for many, so we pride ourselves on our full transparency. Likewise, we will ensure that you know exactly what is happening throughout the process. Our aim is to assist you with recovering the money you lost to a cryptocurrency scam.

Trading cryptocurrencies has become a legitimate and sometimes lucrative investment avenue. Most people have heard ‘get rich’ stories through trading online currencies. However, as this type of investing has become more popular, it has also attracted organised criminals.

Often these scammers are very well organised and the most common type of cryptocurrency scams encourage individuals to invest with the assistance of a broker via the brokers website. The broker in turn trades the cryptocurrencies on behalf of the investor and the investor can even monitor the trading and withdraw small amounts of money. Unfortunately this is a standard component of Ponzi scams.

The trader companies appear legitimate and it can be very difficult to tell it’s a scam website. It’s highly likely that you’ll start with a small amount of maybe a few hundred dollars. The scammers will often send you a payment back after your first investment and advise that your investment performed well and you’ve achieved a great return. At this point, you’ll be encouraged to invest a larger amount, as you’ve just seen what a great return you received on your first investment.

Instead, you’ll be advised that the market goes up and down and now is not the time to stop trading. Instead, the scammers will encourage you to invest even more money.

We’ve helped clients who had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to cryptocurrency scams to get their money back. But it’s no easy task, often the scammers hide behind shell companies and operate across multiple countries and jurisdictions to make it harder for law enforcement to track them. Cybertrace have the ability to identify the perpetrators behind these cyber crimes and assist with bringing them justice. Based on our investigation and intelligence, the authorities may be able to recover your assets.

Unlike other services which promise to recover your stolen money, we don’t just “file a complaint” on your behalf, or submit a Chargeback which has no chance of success, we use our experience and global network to extensively investigate the matter and person(s) responsible for stealing your money.

Cybertrace assure you full transparency whilst providing you the best chance of recovering your money.

The REAL Assets Recovery Process

As with any stolen item, getting it back is not easy. In most situations you’re dealing with experienced criminals whose sole aim is to deprive you of your hard earned asset. The same goes for fraudulently obtained cryptocurrency. The best chance you have of recovery is to identify the offender and locate your asset. We can assist you with locating your assets and identifying the offender. Read our article to find out the real assets recovery process.

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