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Website Cyber Forensics are part of our standard service for cyber fraud matters. Websites are usually the core component of most scams. Our team are experts in deconstructing websites to identify the operators and collect intelligence


Cybertrace Australia has conducted countless digital copyright investigations. We understand that action cannot be taken against offenders unless they are identified. Our website cyber forensic techniques are cutting edge and are designed to identify and pursue even the smallest of leads.


Defamation is not only a personal issue, it can affect business and family relationship. We take online defamation seriously and will assist you in identifying the offender, collecting court admissible evidence and applying disruptive techniques to stop the defamation in its tracks.

Why Cybertrace?

Industry experts

Cybertrace Australia’s website cyber forensic analysts are highly skilled at identifying, isolating and untangling webs of complex data associated with domains, websites and hosting accounts. Our team then link the digital leads with people, corporate entities, business partners and addresses. Due to the nature of the internet, our team can investigate websites hosted anywhere in the world and for clients from all countries. The team has deep experience applying their capabilities in support of various investigation types including, cyber fraud, scams, copyright and defamation. Due to the internet and criminal techniques constantly changing, our team ensure they stay abreast of changes and in many ways pioneer the art of website cyber forensics.
Cybertrace Australia has successfully identified and reported on hundreds of scam websites and identified a global network who infringed on copyright for thousands of online movies.
In the event that the operators are not able to be identified during our investigation, Cybertrace will provide valuable intelligence which will assist you and law enforcement with pursuing those responsible.
Should you need to identify the operators of a website, contact the team at Cybertrace Australia for an obligation free quote.
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